Deborah Hanus


Me being eaten by an elephant

I am the Founder of Sparrow, software that makes it easier for companies to provide their employees with leave (e.g. family, disability, medical). By alleviating administrative overhead, we save companies time, money (up to 70% of an employee's salary), and prevent employee churn. I use this blog as a time saving device. If I spend an hour (or more) advising or training someone, I turn my thoughts into a blog post. I hope you find it useful.

Previously, I was a PhD student at Harvard. As an NSF Fellow, I studied machine learning while advised by Finale Doshi and Ryan Adams.

I graduated from MIT with a M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and a double-Bachelor's in Computer Science and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. As a Master's student, I worked with David Wingate, using reinforcement learning to schedule process threads on Tilera, a multicore chip. As an undergraduate, I worked with Ed Vul in Kanwisher Lab on a variety of projects, publishing several papers focused on uncertainty and visual attention. In the intervening time, I've worked as a software engineer and a Fulbright Scholar in Cambodia, learning how education can translate to job creation.