Deborah Hanus


Me being eaten by an elephant

I am the Founder of Sparrow, software that makes it simple for companies to provide their employees with leave (i.e. family leave). I use this blog as a time saving device. If I spend an hour (or more) advising or training someone, I turn my thoughts into a blog post. I hope you find it useful.

Previously, I was a PhD student at Harvard. As an NSF Fellow, I studied machine learning while advised by Finale Doshi and Ryan Adams.

I graduated from MIT with a M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and a double-Bachelor's in Computer Science and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. As a Master's student, I worked with David Wingate, using reinforcement learning to schedule process threads on Tilera, a multicore chip. As an undergraduate, I worked with Ed Vul in Kanwisher Lab on a variety of projects, publishing several papers focused on uncertainty and visual attention. In the intervening time, I've worked as a software engineer and a Fulbright Scholar in Cambodia, learning how education can translate to job creation.